About us

Since August 1986, we sell vehicles in Quebec. But since these years, the quality of our vehicles has changed a lot.

Now, they are fully inspected by our competent team according to specific criteria. Nothing is left to chance as everything is meticulously inspected. Also, it is always possible to have the vehicle of your choice inspected by your favourite mechanic. This is why our customers are not just customers, they become new friends.

It will be a pleasure to meet you!

Our vehicles are all inspected and delivered with oils and filters changed and the brake pads are also new.

On site, you can consult the expert report, the SAAQ inspection report and the records. All documents are visible for each vehicle.

One of our vehicles interests you? We can accompany you to the garage of your choice to have it inspected by your favourite mechanic.

Before buying, you will see the exceptional quality of our vehicles that are over 15 years old.

We have on hand all the documentation necessary to carry out the vehicle transfer.

1) As a mechanic, we can go directly to the SAAQ and proceed quickly

2) We give you a transit valid for 10 days, and you register your vehicle in the place of your choice.

In both cases, you can drive your car immediately.

Deposits are accepted by Visa / Master-Card or by check (under certain conditions). Final payment is made by certified bank check, bank draft, direct transfer, or cash.


Importation / Exportation
Customer service
Selection / Evaluation of the vehicles
Guarantee of quality
Regulation / Conformity

7 reasons to do business with us!

  • Our vehicles are of superior quality
  • Vehicles reconditioned by experts
  • Exceptional Quality/Price ratio
  • More than 25 years of epertise
  • Vehicles personalized to your liking
  • Legendary durability
  • Inspected and approuved by SAAQ


  • Merci !! vos véhicules de grande qualité honore la réputation légendaire des Land Rover Defender. Si vous désirez acheter un véhicule tout terrain robuste, fait affaire avec Dominique PapieauTheodore Isaac Rubin
  • Je possède un Land Rover Defender que Dominique m’a vendu il y a plus de 10 ans. Il roule aussi bien qu’au premier jour et je l’aime toujours autant.Mathieu Ménard


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